baby you got me i'm hopeless til you come back
won't you sell off all your futures in the desert attack
i bought a nice bungalow down here with low property tax

you in the bench seat with your foot on the dash
did you ever really think we'd ever have this much cash
so won't you come on back here baby 'fore you do something rash

spongecake and pie when you're sittin on the porch in the afternoon
blue summer sky you can have my place in Vegas i'm through

whatcha gonna do when the money runs out?
better roll up your sleeves better sharpen up your sword
i'll be comin in from Macon and i won't be back no more
i bought you some new shoes aren't you really impressed i'm thinking about you?

i'm getting some time off to visit you in the sack
what's a guy to do for you to lie on your back
you bought me some new shoes and i'm really impressed you're thinking about me


©2009 Octopolis