Small Price To Pay (For Pussy)

saturday morning football's on i'm stuck here on this yoga mat
my lady dragged me down here cuz she said it'd make my abs look flat
but i really fucking hate this shit i feel like a new age sissy
she makes me go to yoga class but it's a small price to pay for pussy

sunday morning baseball's on and i'm cleaning out the storage room
my lady says i ain't played them drums since my band broke up in '92
but she don't understand once we opened up for Thin Lizzy
she made me sell my old drumset...

monday morning off to work wearing my best 505s
my lady says i clean up nice when i put on a suit and tie
but i really fucking that shit it feels so old and stuffy
she makes me wear a suit and tie..
she made unsubscribe from Juggs...
she made me cut off all my hair...


©2008 Octopolis