Working in a Sand Mine

When we get to work at eight
they put hash browns on my plate
and we wash it down with ice cold lemonade

when we get off at five
we eat coconuts and rye
get on my truck iíll take you for a ride

Iím working in a sand mine

When we get to work at two
we head straight for the pool
mamaís right I should have stayed in school

When we get off at nine
we eat macaroni pie
and our pension kicks in when weíre 55.

all day long iím watching them dump trucks go by
and if a storm comes along it'll blow all of our work into the sky

Listen for the whistle
Thatís our dinnertime
Serving up ham sandwiches and brine
Bobby drives the loader
Billy clears them pines
Youíre sittiní at yer desk but Iím outside

Hoppers in the morning
Grandpa sets the price
Another train goes rolliní down the line
Donít need no computers
Stinky cheese or wine
You can keep your desk cause Iím alive!


©2016 Octopolis