Rock and Roll Home

one day iíll put down this controller
no more playing online poker
no more living like a gopher
okay yeah i promise to eat better
but healthy tastes like leather
i could eat pizza forever

this time i swear iím gonna move up to the city
iíve put it off for years but i finally think iím ready
see iíve outgrown this town and itís time for me to roam
iím just looking for a rock and roll home

all day iíve been cooking all these fishes
youíve been doing all these dishes
and the manager just bitches
no way i could keep this up forever
cuz my skin is turning leather
gotta get my shit together

dear ma, yeah i got a flat on 2nd
look at me iím spinning records
and iím smoking cigarettas
flash mobs, yeah this city feels like heaven
all the girlies dress in leather
i could keep this up forever


©2018 Octopolis