I Wanna Quarantine with You

I see you in this drugstore tryin' to buy some medicine  
lookin' good in baggy sweatpants and your hair up in a bun
but I see behind that mask
so girl I gotta ask

i gotta fever and I think you got one too
let's go down the clinic, a romantic test for two
then we can Netflix and chill
cuz we got literal chills
and we can take some pills

we can't stay out because it's bad for public health
the CDC says we should stay at home all by ourselves
I know it's only our first date
but we gotta isolate
and I just wanna stay here with you

I wanna quarantine with you so hard right now
I think you feel the way I do
I wanna quarantine with you let's go lock down
until the pandemic is through

now if our fever spikes and we start getting worse
we'll go on Tinder and find ourselves a nurse
and she'll give us a sponge bath
and I think I like this math

feeling bad like this has never felt so good
as long as I'm with you I wouldn't cure it if I could
I'm at 102 point ten
all these aches in my head
and we should stay in bed

I'll serve you vegetables and good expensive wine
we'll watch your favorite movies then we'll shop for shoes online
I'd do anything to stay
don't make me go away
I just wanna pander to you

So let's go turn up the heater
and turn the lights way down
if we get a little cabin fever
the doctor says to dance it out

I'd do anything to stay
don't make me go away
I just wanna be here with you


©2021 Octopolis