Posthumously Cool 

well i wrote this song with a couple of beers
and i put it on the internet
and i've waited now for over 15 years
but no one else has heard it yet

well i played some bars over here and there
and a couple of my friends came out
they were real polite and they clapped and stared
but i never seemed to draw a crowd

nobody's listening to my song
the music business is so cruel
maybe they'll listen when i'm gone
and i'll be posthumously cool

what do i gotta do to get me some clicks
and attract some publicity?
about the only thing left that might do the trick
is a good old-fashioned tragedy

now don't get me wrong i don't wanna die
i got a lotta good things at stake
but if i did now don't you cry
cuz it might just be my big break

well i hope there's groupies at the pearly gates
hanging out in that great green room
well i'm sure they'll be hot and worth the wait
i'll have a lot of catching up to do


©2021 Octopolis