Kick the Bassist Out

kick the bassist out he's lazy bum
he doesn't ever bathe and his beard is full of crumbs
he's always drunk and he forgets all his parts
he lives with his mom in a dirty trailer park

he can't even hold a job
and he dresses like a slob

kick the bassist out he's disposable
he can't even sing and his technique's horrible
all he plays is root notes to the chords
we could just replace him with computers and keyboards

and he's always late to shows
i'm not even sure he knows

kick the bassist out he ain't got no brains
he sings off key and he makes faces when he plays
he farts on stage and he barfs in the green room
and his big dumb amp is a pain in the ass to move

and his hands are always sore
cuz he drags them on the floor

kick the bassist out yeah i want him gone
cuz he's moving in on this girl i've been hitting on

hey guys
well what time is the sound check?
well how many drink tickets?

all he eats is Taco Bell
i think he should be expelled


©2021 Octopolis