Going to Bed Early Tonight

girl I been watching you
you looking so fine
the sun's gone down, girl
and it's almost a quarter to nine
i'm feeling sleepy
and I know you feel it too
so go on and start your brushing and flossing
cause you know what we're gonna do...

we're going to bed early tonight
gonna have a cuddle then fall asleep
on our new high thread count sheets

last night at the dinner party
we popped a bottle of rosť
but we shoulda had Pellegrino
cause that wine sure wrecked our day
so i'll microwave some dinner
maybe something frozen in a pouch
then we'll veg out in front of the TV set
as we pass out on the couch

we're going to be early tonight
i'm gonna make you snore so loud
our fluffy duvet feels like a cloud
we gotta rest up for Sunday brunch
cause eight hours just ain't enough

yeah we can finally afford a Tempurpedic
maybe catch up on some reading
we're not staying out til four
so get your nightguard out the drawer
we're not 21 no more

we're going to bed early tonight
i wanna lie around like a lump
yeah, Discovery channel here we come
you're so hot when you yawn
I could pass out on the lawn
i'm gonna spoon ya in the sack
girl I aint no narcoleptophiliac


©2018 Octopolis