Fuck Me, I'm a Geochemist

I put the man in mantle
you fit your curves on my plot
yeah our margin is converging
and your spreading centerís hot
Iíll show you sex-fold coordination
underneath my mica sheets
Iíll make you arch it like a solvus
youíll be on your manganese

Yeah fuck me Iím a geochemist here on the lab floor
Iíll drill you like an ODP core
Iíll probe your composition, just sit on my crystal face
your standard state will never be the same

I ainít gotta buy them diamonds at the store
Hell, iíll just make you some myself
letís make a phase diagram for latex
I hope my delta V donít make it melt
come see me at the conference
i got the longest PowerPoint in town
My dataís got an inverse ratio
it goes up when you go down

fuck me...up in this volcano
apply some pressure, watch my crystal grow
you got me harder than corundum, all puffed up like swelling clay
your standard state will never be the same

I hear you go both ways, girl
like youíre at equilibrium
I got a new element for you, girl
itís called cunnilingium
Iíll show you isotopic fractionation
in big delta 69
I got the tools for excavation
and you got the strip mine

fuck me...on this SIMS machine
iíll excite you with my ion beam
girl youíre hotter than a pegmatitic hydrothermal vein
your standard state will never be the same


©2016 Octopolis