Me and My Electric Car

Driving down the road I am the coolest guy alive
Everybodyís fast but Iím a laidback 55
Iím just cruisin'...
My favorite mechanic is a robot named Marie
She doesnít have to eat or sleep so all the work is free
yeah Iím movin...

Me and my electric car
Pickiní up the girls in bars
Hanging out with movie stars
Me and my electric car

The traffiic light turns red for you but I donít have to stop
I got a special permit that was issued by the cops
I ainít lyin'...
I park it near my penthouse on a helicopter pad
My pilot eats falafels and he likes to dress in plaid
Iím just flyin'

On oscar night weíll cruise the boulevard in Hollywood
When youíre on the A-list people treat you really good
Weíll be famous
I press that big red button and Iím blastin off to space
Iíll bang you with the top down then Iím gone without a trace
Iím seamless...


©2016 Octopolis