criticize something new

you drove through LA back in Y2K
though you never even left the freeway
now all of a sudden you're an expert on Southern California
You say it's soggy and shallow and ugly and hot
and how can people live down there
you say it's not as cool as San Francisco
but I don't really care

we get it we get it someone said it
why don't you criticize something new
it's all such a bore cause we've heard it before
won't you criticize something new

i know you don't watch television
cause you remind me 20 times a day
you complain about the spoon-fed garbage
and how it rots your brain away
you say American Idol is the devil
the corporate media has all sold out
but why does everything have to be so fucking enriching
why can't i just zone on my couch

we were on a road trip to vegas
i was hungry so we stopped at mickey D's
i ordered a quarter pounder
you said "that's not really cheese"
i said "OK mister consciousness, I get it "
i see you've read Fast Food Nation
you and about 5 billion people
so can't i just enjoy my vacation

you're going on and on and you're making me yawn
why don't you criticize something new


©2009 Octopolis