Cancer, Suck My Balls

you try to bring me down
but I ain't your fucking tool
when that surgeon cuts me open
you'll be shaking in your boots
you picked the wrong dude to mess with
you think you look so tough
but I gotta crazy doctor from Stanford
he eats pricks like you for lunch

suck my balls, cancer
you won't be around for long
put your mouth around my dong
from my head down to my bones
just go fuck yourself and leave us all alone

when you feel that radiation
you'll be crying like a bitch
then i'll wipe my ass with your ugly face
and dump you in a ditch
i'm smoking pot with Melissa Etheridge
yeah i'm hanging out with Lance Armstrong
the hooked me up with some of their women
we gonna party all might long

your dirty little plan backfired
i'm in People Magazine
i'm already planning my book tour
you're just a big PR machine
this record's gonna go platinum
Grammy album of the year
i know it's not what you intended
but you're great for my career

kiss my ass, cancer
yeah right between the cheeks
gonna be on Oprah next week
from my head down to my bones
just go fuck yourself... just go fuck yourself...


©2018 Octopolis