Bye Bye Babies (A Vasectomy Slow Jam) 

up in our bedroom
my wife is giving me the eyes
but we already got three kids
and she doesn't want to get fertilized
so just like in college
i fumbled with protection
but the darn thing ripped
now that's the last straw
there've been too many close calls
it's time for me to go get snipped

i pulled my pants down for the surgeon
and laid back and stared up at the walls
it's probably the only time I'd let another man handle my balls
he touched me softly
and then injected something into my business
then he made the cut
and I smelled burning flesh
and then he winked at me and said he was finished

back in our bedroom
I'm healed up and feeling all flirty
but i'm not sure it matters anymore
cuz we're both fast asleep by 8:30

bye bye babies...
yeah it's been quite a ride but you'll always be mine
maybe after forever we'll all be together some time


©2021 Octopolis