In And Out Of The Van 

i've seen a hundred roadcuts and they all look the same
so many difficult words keep fogging up my brain
the professor's laughing but she might be insane
out there with her hammer standing in the pouring rain

cause were in and out and were in and out of the van
yeah were in and out and were in and out of the van

i never did the readings all those papers make me snore
i got a chatty seatmate this guy is such a bore
i think im getting carsick i might vomit on the floor
all these itchy bug bites and i'm all covered in sores

on a dusty trail suffering though a hike
to some dirty outcrop that i cant even recognize
i got a raging headache cause i drank too much last night
but hanging round a campfire is about the only thing i like

ive seen a thousand outcrops on this never-ending trip
i'm just eating garbage Im covered in potato chips
And my head is spinning from all those strikes and dips
i think i lost my notebook my professor's gonna flip

there's no cell connection no idea where we are
i hate the TA's music I should have driven my own car
this van smells like armpits and i think i might be scarred
im gonna have a breakdown if we see anymore feldspar
i'm so sick of hot dogs a salad sounds so good
all i want's a bathroom im tired of pooping in the woods
all my skin is sunburned I got a big gash on my foot
but i bonded with my classmates i wouldnt change it if i could

it's been a hundred hours driving on back roads
all i want's a shower I can't wait til i get home
curl up in my jammies and get lost in my phone
i'll post lots of happy selfies from the trip
and put on a little show


©2023 Octopolis