All I Wanted Was To Be Outside 

the college brochure showed students smiling on a mountaintop
come get your degree here and youíll get a cool outside job
working in a corporate cubicle, thatís not where i wanna be
i wanna be in those mountains, so i signed up for geology

all i wanted was to be outside
down by the river and staring at the sunrise
now iím sitting at a desk job working 9 to 5
but all i wanted was to be outside

next thing i knew i was in some class staring at wooden blocks
there was all the technical jargon and never-ending trays of rocks
chemistry, calculus, physics: iím still recovering from the shock
there were lectures and equations; i suffocated from all that chalk

after four years sitting in classrooms they finally took us on a good field trip
breathing beautiful mountain air and measuring strikes and dips
now iím stuck here in this office park with a dead-end internship
all i do now is spreadsheets and i feel like iíve been whipped


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